Spirit Winter Percussion took home Silver with a score of 95.3625 with their show, Timeless Hydro-flections, at the WGI “Sport of the Arts” Percussion Open Class Finals of the World Championships in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend!

At this defining event in youth music that draws over 12,000 participants annually from all over the world, Spirit brought a crowd of thousands to its feet with a captivating performance. Their 2018 show was dedicated to local heroes, Sgt. Gannon, Nero, and all those who serve and protect our citizens, especially during natural disasters. These men and women, who serve, represent the epitome of resiliency—the ultimate message of our 2018 showThe performance was enhanced by innovative spinning platforms on which the members performed, a background made up of 45 life sized impressionistic-style images reflecting the different sections of the show, stick tosses, and through the member’s dedicated story-telling. The show explored four aspects of humanity’s interaction with water: before birth, childhood discoveries, a mature, working relationship, and finally, the destruction water can cause, harkening to the necessity to respect the power of water. The end of the show hinted to the calm after the storm, reminding us that humanity is resilient, determined to overcome the hardships of life’s storms–a timely message in the wake of recent storms such as Riley and Skylar.

Representing the true spirit of Massachusetts with their commitment to Excellence, Passion, and Teamwork, Spirit Winter Percussion is a living model of the power of music and the arts to inspire young people to achieve the impossible. Spirit congratulates their 34 fellow division ensembles competing in the Percussion Independent Open Class!