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“I’ve loved being a part of a group that is constantly striving for excellence and puts so much work into everything they do. Spirit has given me a better work ethic and made me pay more attention to how I practice and rehearse.”
Mikayla, Age 21, Spirit Member


“I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to participate and perform with Spirit Winter Percussion this year. It has been a musical outlet unlike any other where I can challenge myself and push my limits.”
Karsten, Age 19, Spirit Member

“Winter percussion is a place where I get inspired to be great every hour of rehearsal.”
John, Age 15, Spirit Member

“You have set the bar high, and brought more excitement and the joy of music to those around you than you can ever imagine.”
John Jamison, Director of Dennis-Yarmouth Winter Percussion, Dennis, MA

“Winter Percussion is so much more than learning how to drum; it’s learning about life!”
Rachel, Age 19, Spirit Member

“Spirit Winter Percussion has been one of the most creative and innovative groups we have seen on the East Coast. It is a joy to see the students perform each year and the crowd reaction is second to none.”
Tony DiCarlo, Drum Corps International

“Spirit Winter Percussion has provided our son with the chance to pursue his dreams of marching with a world-class percussion group. Spirit’s reputation for excellence is widely known. Everything they do, from music, to theatrics, to props, is done at the completely highest level possible. They are a model program and an incredible asset to our community.”
AnnMarie Sanfilippo, Membership Parent


“Spirit teaches you to stay positive when things get tough, embrace life with full-hearted abandonment, and BE GENEROUS!!!…on and off the floor.”
Kirsti, Age 20, Spirit Member

“Spirit Winter Percussion is an ensemble I have great respect and admiration for. While the quality of the productions and education are indeed first rate, it’s the quality of the people that makes this program so special. Top flight people who make the experience a very special place to be!”
—Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Drum Stick & Mallet Innovation, Vic Firth & Zildjian

“I do music because it teaches me things like discipline, the art of music, and teamwork. I love the way this group operates with the utmost willpower and excellency.”
Gabriel, Age 13, Spirit Member

“WP to me is learning something completely new and exciting while making some of the greatest lifelong friendships and bonds I can. And it’s a way to play music all year around.”
Alex, Age 18, Spirit Member

“Being a member of Spirit Winter Percussion means being part of something greater than yourself. All of us put countless hours of work in and we grow as not only performers but also people. It means being a part of a family that is there for each other through the easiest and hardest of times.”
Brian, Age 20, Spirit Member

“I feel so passionate about WP! With that comes all the feelings of love for it as well as the occasional moments of hate, but still going fully after it! Carpe Diem!!”
Lindsey, Age 21, Spirit Member

“I love being in WP because I have fun working towards perfecting a show, and challenge myself physically and mentally to do better each time.”
James, Age 17, Spirit Member


Spirit Winter Percussion | PO Box 2831 | Orleans, MA, USA | 508-255-4044