Join us this weekend!! Original music was composed by a Spirit Winter Percussion alumni, Alex Pugsley, for ‘Oaks of Mamre: A Retelling of An Ancient Story’, a solo sacred drama by Elements Theatre Company‘s Artistic Director, Sr. Danielle Dwyer.

“When I was first approached with this project, I wanted to conjure a very earthy, naturalistic feeling for the audience. The main character is a fighter and I wanted that influence to be felt in the music. This led to the almost sole use of percussive orchestration.

Dara, the ancient oak tree, was the most difficult entity for me to connect with on a personal level. There is something mystical about a guardian of the forest. In Norse mythology, the oak is said to be the keeper of wisdom, as it lives longer than all the other trees. I was looking for a sound that felt timeless—almost lost in ageless thought—reflecting a character set apart from the quick decisions of men, while remaining clearly in the present. A combination of sustained bowing on the vibraphone, and the active clang of bells blowing in the tree’s branches, became the voice of Dara.”—Alexander Pugsley

Reminder: Students & youth under 18 are free!