Movement One: Love The first movement represents the most virtuous aspects of love: Pragma, Agape, and Philia (from where we get Philadelphia) – Nurturing, sacrifice, patience, loyalty, tolerance and selflessness. Set to Michel Camilo’s Libertango, a very quick, rhythmic Latin tango opens the show, the music blends the authentic sound of a guitar with a lyrical and driven dynamic from the font ensemble and battery. Movement Two: Hate The second movement of Tango opens with a question–Is Anger the enemy of Love? Based on the Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge, two tango dancers take the visual spotlight as a story unfolds about two lovers. The “man who would only have one” and the “woman who would not be possessed,” meet and begin to dance. Playful encounters diverge as the female dancer develops into a narcissistic state, and the male dancer’s desire to possess, drives him to the fiery irrational state of Eros. The tension of these two differing agenda’s continue to tease and play on the desires of other, culminating into a rage filled explosion and final rejection. “Where passion seeks only to possess, there can be no trust, without trust, there cannot be love.” Movement Three: Indifference If love is the opposite of anger, then what is indifference? Spirit continues by portraying the true enemy of love in their penultimate movement: Indifference. The tango couple and members isolate themselves from the hurt expressed through simple keyboard parts with sloppy glissandi, dead strokes, and a rigidly mechanical battery arrangement of Julio Iglesias’ La Cumparsita. No love can exist in this void. Movement Four: Passion So then love and anger are sides of the same coin: the coin of Passion! Indifference is the opposite. Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Suite expresses the celebration of the two sides of that coin. A clapping sequence and the Latin America Cajon drum feature, being the movement, culminating in a celebration of the passion so embodied by the Tango!


Studied Ballroom dancing under Adam Spencer Learned to play the Cajon with Damon Grant



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