With the Yarmouth Police department’s blessing, Spirit Winter Percussion has dedicated their 2018 show, Timeless Hydro-flections, to local heroes, Sgt. Sean Gannon, Nero, and all those who serve and protect our citizens, especially during natural disasters; Our Coast Guard, Fire, Police, National Guard, Paramedics and Rescue Services. These men and women, who serve, represent the epitome of resiliency—the ultimate message of our 2018 show. Our hearts go out to the families of Sgt. Gannon and all those who serve—we are forever grateful for your service.

During these seven months of preparations for the World Championships, the members have learned about the power of overcoming difficulties and the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. With a mission of “Excellence, Passion, Teamwork,” Spirit WP is a living model of the power of music and the arts to equip young people for a life of purpose, meaning, and service to others.