This week we interviewed Alex Ollivierre, our snare tech from Dartmouth, MA and Abby Vought, vibe member and 5 year vet!

What is your favorite animal?
AO: Hyena
Abby: Peacock

When did you start percussion?
AO: 2004 (age 10)
Abby: 2012 (age 9)

If you were a kitchen appliance… what would you be?
AO: Cheese Grater
Abby: Wisk

If you could travel anywhere…
AO: Tahiti
Abby: Italy

If you were a food item…
AO: Package of Gushers
Abby: Chocolate

What is your favorite show you’ve performed in?
AO: 12.25 (Cadets 2012)
Abby: Here: The Dragons and Tigers Within (Spirit WP 2014)