This week we interviewed Steve Ballard, front ensemble tech, and Karsten Mohn, 1st-year member in the quad line!

If you were a kitchen appliance… what would you be?
Steve: Immersion Blender
Karsten: Refrigerator… I love food so much I couldn’t choose something that doesn’t involve food

What is your favorite food?
Steve: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Karsten: Macaroni and Cheese

What would your dream job be?
Steve: Flip Houses
Karsten: To be a scientist, and wear a white lab coat, and blow things up, and also change the world.🔥😄

If you were a vegetable…
Steve: A single refried bean
Karsten: Celery… because a lot of people don’t like it, but the people that like it, really love it. Wait that’s not right, people like me…🤔

If you could travel anywhere…
Steve: Iceland
Karsten: Acadia National Park in Maine

What is your favorite show that you’ve performed in?
Steve: “Age of Reverence”, Santa Clara Vanguard 2000
Karsten: “Revolutions”, Cascade Sound Marching Band 2015

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