“Water understands Civilization well”—Ralph Waldo Emerson…
Man has a dependent relationship with water. It soothes us as we hear it crash, it destroys and overwhelms us in its storms, it cools us in heat and warms us in winter, we are even born in it… Spirit Winter Percussion presents their 2018 show, exploring four stages of humanity’s dependency on water.

The poetic structure of this year’s show is based on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem, Water. The design concept draws from the impressionistic style, harkening to the famous artists and composers including Claude Monet, Claude Debussy, Camille Saint-Saëns, and Maurice Ravel.

The show begins with man’s very first encounter with water before birth, and journeys through our child-like playful discoveries and explorations of water. As children grow up, their interactions with water evolve into a mature relationship where our lives (and often our livelihoods) depend on water. As we age, our life experiences often require of us a healthy respect for the power of water, the destruction a raging storm can cause… and a storm’s uncanny beauty.

In the end, isn’t it often life’s storms and the sufferings they cause that lead us to determination, strength, and overcoming? #BostonStrong #HoustonStrong #VegasStrong