We’re often taught to blend in. Even if you’re told to be yourself, actions and attitudes speak differently. Lives easily become monotonous, trapping us into lockstep. Gradually, the joy and creativity that life can offer is lost.

In their 15th anniversary season, Spirit Winter Percussion, under the direction of Richard Pugsley, presents their 2019 production, All the Colors in the Box, taking a journey to find anew the joy of living life to the fullest.

At first we see a faceless block of bodies. This rigidity is soon shattered, and replaced by a reveal of individual colors that each exude their unique character, but are still isolated. Realizing that there must be more to finding ones’ self, the colors begin to blend and mix. Finally, all the colors are revealed in an explosion of color and excitement that swirls on the field. Pat Metheny’s jazz chart, The Way Up, is the musical vehicle for this production.

Everyone has a unique voice and an innate call in the world. Some experts say that there are at least 18 decillion colors in the world1, but they also say there’s no way of telling – there are infinite shades of color! If one unique color is lost, it is lost forever. Spirit explores the importance of finding and staying true to your color, sharing it with others, and appreciating and enjoying all the colors in the box. What’s YOUR color? Learn more!

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