We’re glad you’re interested in joining us for the 2021-2022 Season!

If you’re interested in auditioning for Spirit WP and would like more information, or would like to receive the audition packet, please fill out the form below or email Sr. Julian from the Spirit WP office. Be sure to check out the different sections of our website and audition information tabs, including the FAQs tab which has a lot of information to get you prepared for Spirit WP.

Thank you for your interest in Spirit Winter Percussion and we look forward to meeting you soon!

“I chose Spirit because I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the ensemble. I knew that the instructors would help me improve both as a musician and as a performer and I’m glad my winter percussion career has started here.”
—Cameron, Spirit WP Member

Would it be Okay to Contact You by Phone?

Example of Schedule for a Tech/Audition Camp:

Battery: (Bass Drums, Snare Drums, Tenor Drums)
9:00 Battery together Review from last camp
10:00 Battery Subs Setting the technique and day’s goals
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Con’t subs.
3:30 Battery together
4:30 Done rehearsal/meeting in cafeteria clean-up facility/load truck

Pit: (marimbas, vibes, xylo, glock, auxiliary percussion, electronics)
9:00 Full pit together Basics (review stroke types)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Full pit together
4:30 Done rehearsal/meeting in cafeteria clean-up facility/load truck

Auditions at Spirit Winter Percussion are not strictly a pass fail situation—It’s a process. There’s always many aspects that are taken into account—not just your playing ability. Expect to spend the weekend with world-class instructors, honing your musical and visual technique. Throughout the day, prospective members are auditioned in a group setting, as well as in an individual playing audition. Spirit auditions are held over a few camps in the late Summer and early Fall with “Call Back” auditions—a critical part of our audition process. “Call Back” auditions enable the Spirit staff to assess the rate of development and responsiveness of the prospective member to the feedback from their first audition.
You will receive feedback after the audition camp from the Percussion Director, as well as a number between 1 and 3:

  1. Congrats! You are ready to become a member of Spirit Winter Percussion!
  2. With some work, which will be demonstrated at a call back audition, you will be ready to become a member of Spirit Winter Percussion.
  3. You need to work through some technique development before you are ready to be a member of Spirit. However, attend a Call Back audition camp so that we can gauge your improvement and see if you can make it happen!

*Marching and movement is also included in Battery auditions in a group setting.

Spirit is dedicated to preparing members for the workforce and the professional field. Prospective members should understand that as well as a significant time commitment, there is an important financial commitment involved in membership. Scholarships are available, so cost should never be inhibitive. However, the instruction, venue booking, food, housing, transportation, uniforms, equipment and event registration are all costs of the ensemble and by contributing towards a small part of the overall cost of operation, members learn to value more deeply their commitments to the ensemble.
Q. Who can participate?

A. Anyone under the age of 22!

Q. What do I need to bring to an audition/tech camp?
A. A lunch and a ready-to learn attitude! Everything else is provided
Q. Do I need to sign up ahead?
A. We do recommend calling 508-255-4044 or registering here. Walk-ins are also welcome.
Q. When is the first audition for this group?
A. Auditions will begin on August 27th! We would love to see you at our Tech Camp on June 25th where you can receive amazing instruction from within the group and get a feel for the ensemble.
Q. How do I get the audition material for Spirit WP?
A. Fill out the Audition interest form and the packet will be sent to you, as well as it will be available on the website.
Q. What is the cost to march Spirit?
A. Tuition is about $2800, however, we do offer member scholarships for up to the full cost of tuition. Financial obligations should NOT be a reason to stay away from an audition camp!
Q. What if I live a long ways away from Cape Cod?
A. We can work out free accommodations so that you can drive down the evening before rehearsal and spend the night with one of our more local members.
Q. What should I make checks out to?
A. Spirit Winter Percussion
Q. What should I wear?
A. In Spirit Winter Percussion, we believe that dress should be modest and supportive of the values we are committed to upholding: Excellence, Passion, and Teamwork. We ask that you wear loose fitting athletic clothes (no sleeveless shirts, spandex, or mini-shorts) and appropriate undergarments.
Q. Should I bother auditioning if I don't have very much drumming experience?
A. Absolutely! Regardless of your proficiency level, the Audition Camp is a fantastic opportunity to grow as a performer and learn the information that you need to successfully develop for the future.
Q. What if I can't make it to an audition camp?
A. Fill out our interest form noting your conflicts and we can discuss the possibility of a preliminary video audition, or email trevaw [at] spiritwp [dot] com.
Q. Do you have a cymbal line?
A. So far we have not marched a cymbal line, but we would be open to the possibility of having a cymbal line if there were enough interested auditionees.


Spirit Winter Percussion | PO Box 2831 | Orleans, MA, USA | 508-255-4044