Karen began her career with Spirit of America in 1983 as a member of the concert and marching band Color Guard. Her passion, dedication, and leadership skills led her to become the Color Guard Captain in 1995, a position she held for the next ten years. In that role, she oversaw the growth of the Spirit of America Color Guard in movement, style, and precision of technique, leading them to the World Championships in Calgary, a multi-cultural tour of Australia, and throughout the United States. Subsequently as Color Guard Section Director, Karen’s broader vision for the guard’s development led to further dance studies and increased focus on weaponry. These skills directly contributed to the success of the guard and the band as a whole in South Korea, in both the WAMSB Championships and Instrumental Theater performances.

Karen became Administrative Director in 2006. Her responsibilities include overseeing staffing, personnel, schedules, budgets, and tours, as well as coordinating that all the parts of the show come together. Her love for young people and vision for the opportunity marching and field band bring to them, combined with her many years of experience, continue to inspire the band to attain new levels of artistic and technical performance.

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